Dog Bite and Animal Bite Prevention: What Can I Do in Advance?

Every 40 seconds someone in the U.S. seeks medical care because of a dog bite or an animal bite. In order to avoid these animal bite accidents, prevention is key. SettlementCentral.Com has compiled some information for you in order to raise your awareness in case of an animal attack.

The Ten Commandments Of The Dog Bite Prevention

  • Never approach an unknown or stray dog
  • Never pet the dog if he doesn’t approach you first
  • Never run away from a dog
  • Never scream at a dog
  • Never look at a dog straight in the eyes
  • Never make rapid body movements
  • Never turn your back on a dog
  • Never disturb a dog that is sleeping, eating or caring for puppies
  • Never let a child be unsupervised with a dog
  • Never let a child and a dog play rough


Protect your children from the potential injury of a dog bite

Children are particularly at risk when dogs are around them. It is important to take steps to educate children about how to behave around dogs, and to provide appropriate supervision for young children when dogs are present. Some dog experts suggest that children under the age of ten should never be left alone with a dog, especially a dog classified as a dangerous breed such as rottweiler, pitbull, doberman pinscher and german shepherd. Children may not behave appropriately around the dog, and they may be too small to defend themselves against an attack from a vicious dog. Also, dogs may be confused by the movements and behavior of young children and mistake them for prey.

Here are some good articles on how to prevent a dog or animal bite. They are worthwhile reading for everyone, not just parents. Children, however, should be especially cautioned, as noted in the following links. Most of us have a friendly disposition toward dogs, and we may put ourselves at risk by not understanding some of the signs of aggressive feelings that a dog may be expressing. Please take the time to read the articles to help to prevent yourself or others you know from becoming a victim.
Good discussion of dominance (an important dog characteristic), eye contact with the dog, fear a dog may have, and predatory behavior (chasing a bicyclist, runner, rollerblader, or a child).

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