"My adjuster offered less than half of the $100,000 policy limits that was due me.

Settlement­Central.Com gave me ALL THE FORMS AND INSTRUCTIONS and confidence I needed to receive FULL policy limits for my claim. Imagine my joy at realizing that I saved a FULL $33,333 in ATTORNEY FEES!"

"My advice to anyone who has a personal injury claim is to take my lesson to heart: I learned that it is a LOT BETTER to fight for what is rightfully due you than to listen to the adjuster and take the easy quick money... 
Dr. Settlement,

Thank you so very much for your time. I wrote expecting to get a few pointers, but you very clearly laid it out for me step by step. You even answered questions I had, that I didn't think to ask! Thank you again, this has helped so so much!


Thank you for your knowledgeable answer! With your help the insurance company offered an additional $6,000 to my already good settlement. I appreciate your help and I highly recommend you to anyone!!!

Thanks again!

Thank you for the fast response and for touching on all of my concerns. Your answer was very insightful, to the point, and extremely helpful. I must honestly say that without the help of your website I wouldn't have been able to negotiate my own policy limits claim successfully! Thanks again for answering my questions that arose near the end of my settlement process.


Dear Dr. Settlement,

Thank you so much for the information. We have never been through something like this before and want to be fair. We did not feel good about closing the claim since the future is so iffy and didn't know if it would be unreasonable to insist that we wait. Your information is thorough and concise. It is extremely helpful.

Thank you again.

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2. What to do about damage to your vehicle.

Please see: Taking Care of Motor Vehicle Damages, Rental Rights, Repair, Total Loss.

3. No apologies—don't minimize your injuries—making notes.

Please see FIRST THING: Important Considerations.

4. Paying for your medical bills and wage loss.

Please see: Interim Medical Expenses and Interim Wage Loss: Who Pays Until Your Settlement Award?

5. Managing your medical care.

Please see: Selecting your medical care.

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Please see: Preserve Evidence.

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Please see: Review Statute of Limitations date.

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Please see: Start Your Own Confidential Personal Diary.

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Please see: Liability Issues and Proof of Damages Problems.

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