Compensation For Members And Visitors

Payment for "success stories". Member "success stories" in settlement are welcome and may earn a cash award, depending upon whether or not we use the success story. Each month, a new "Winner's Story" is spotlighted in "I settled my own claim - you can, too!"Go to I SETTLED MY OWN CLAIM - YOU CAN, TOO! Members whose stories are spotlighted will receive a $100 cash payment for their true success story (and photo). A selected number of other members who submit results on this site will receive cash payments of $25 each.
Payment for feedback-members and visitors. We want to make this site useable for everyone. Thus, we are interested in your response to both our content and our navigation. Did you see any areas that could or should be handled differently? We welcome and appreciate your comments on this Website, its content, navigability, helpfulness, ease or difficulty in contacting PSPs, quality and timeliness and response of PSPs, and your ultimate success in resolving your insurance claim. If you have a personal story about your negotiations, or suggestions for changes to our content, please let us know.

If your feedback is used, we will compensate you with a cash payment from $10 up to $100.
Anonymity and privacy guaranteed. We know you value both your anonymity and your privacy. Thus, SettlementCentral.Com will protect your name and contact information, irrespective of whether or not your success story or feedback is posted. We will keep your name and address confidential, assigning a pseudonym to maintain your privacy. A Certified Public Accountant will hold a copy of your name and can verify that each posted success story is attributable to a subscribed member.