Alternative Medicine

Some who have experienced the benefits of homeopathic treatment, massage therapy, acupuncture or herbal remedies would object to labeling any of these treatments as alternative. Many claimants find substantial relief with so-called alternative medicine. On the whole, however, alternative healthcare practitioners do not make effective witnesses in court. For that reason, their value in assisting substantially in your financial recovery is limited. For discussion of their testimonial value, see the next section.
However, because so many people have received relief from these types of treatments, you might do well to consider them. If you're interested in trying one, first ask for a referral from your medical doctor. Likely, your medical doctor is not going to transfer your care to this type of treatment, but he may be open to adding another practitioner to your "healthcare team." By keeping your medical doctor up to date on all your treatments, he may mention in your records that you are obtaining benefit from outside treatments and should therefore continue with them.
You probably know that your health insurance is less likely to cover alternative treatments. However, if your medical doctor can state that it has been effective, it is likely you can get some PIP payments and some reimbursement for treatments from the tortfeasor.