Site Passwords

When you purchased your membership for this site, you received three passwords. The first password, is your password for entry to the site. It is your authorized entry to the site as many times as you choose for a period of 6 months. At any time during the 6 months, you may download and print any of the templates or examples on either the free side or the membership side of this site.

The information you are able - and encouraged - to download is only for your personal use. You are not authorized to share the forms, the writing or any of the content on SettlementCentral.Com with others. However, for your own convenience, you download some of the forms and any of the written material that you need to review to assist you in preparation for settlement of your claim.

You were also given two passwords to be used for our PSPs Coming Soon. Each of these two passwords entitles you to up to 30 minutes of consultation with a PSP of your choice. The PSPs are independent contractors. It is up to you to select a person you deem appropriate to help you in your case.

After you have selected and contacted a PSPComing Soon, you may have a brief Internet chat or conversation to ascertain whether that provider is one with whom you can work. When you have agreed to work together, you will give the PSP a password for each consultation of up to 30 minutes in length. The password will first be verified with SettlementCentral.Com. After the PSP receives authorization that the password is valid, you will be provided services - up to 30 minutes for each PSP password.