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"I settled my own claim - you can, too!"

"I settled my own claim - you can, too!" Think it can't be done? Think only attorneys can settle injury claims? Think again!
These individuals settled their own claims - okay, with the help of information right here on SettlementCentral.Com. Read on, to see what satisfied members have to say about settling their claims for injuries from a variety of causes:
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For even more encouragement that many of you can settle your own claim, take a look at a few Attorney Horror Stories. Go to ATTORNEY HORROR STORIES Read how some attorneys cost their clients thousands of dollars in recovery, plus time lost from work and the enjoyment of life, frustration and unnecessary delay in settlement. Please understand that we do not mean to suggest that attorneys in general are incompetent or deserving of the bazillions of attorney-bashing jokes. However, some attorneys, no matter how competent they may be in other areas, have no qualifications for negotiating a settlement. These stories are presented in the interest of your education - to help you learn what sorts of questions to ask about an attorney's experience and attitudes.
On the other hand, for many cases an experienced, competent attorney is the best choice. For those instances, SettlementCentral.Com has compiled a list of attorneys who are willing to consult with and/or represent our subscribing members at a discounted rate. For more information, check out our Attorneys section. Go to ATTORNEYS - OVERVIEW