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Settlement Negotiations: Introduction

Negotiate with Insurance Companies and WIN!

You do not have to become a Persian rug buyer in a bazaar to negotiate a settlement of your claim! Far from it, in fact.
The most important tool you need to negotiate a settlement of your claim is paperwork. All those documents you're being told to copy and keep are about to look like gold to you. With the appropriate documents, you can build your case in a way that is meaningful to an insurance adjuster. Because you have gathered and held onto all your medical records, you can know what the insurance company record shows.
Your Confidential Personal Diary Go to PERSONAL INJURY CLAIM DIARY now becomes another piece of your gold, where you can find out how long it took for the physical therapy on that broken leg, or when the bruises finally faded and your face looked like a normal person again instead of a dying Christmas tree. Because you have included every expense in your Confidential Personal Diary on a daily basis, you are able to list your expenses for the insurance company.
When your injury has subsided or completely healed and you are again living a full life (or as full as it will be post-injury), you are ready to begin settlement negotiations. Review the Rules of the Game before starting. Go to RULES OF THE GAME
You might also review the portions of the SettlementCentral.Com Web site that cover the documents involved in a settlement negotiation if you need the refresher course. Decide whether you want to do the negotiations on your own, or whether you want to use your PSP Go to PSPS passwords now for help with the demand letters Go to DEMAND LETTERS: INTRODUCTION or determination of the value of your claim. If you choose to hand everything over to an attorney at this stage, you will have saved yourself a great deal of attorney time (that means lower fees for you) by gathering and organizing your paperwork. Look up one of our experienced attorneys Go to ATTORNEYS - OVERVIEW in your state, and discuss the possibility of consultation and/or representation with him.
If you decide to go ahead on your own, remember that the progression of a settlement is in three parts: Demand Letters, Go to DEMAND LETTERS: INTRODUCTION settlement Offers Go to THE CASE OF AN SETTLEMENT OFFER FROM THE INSURANCE CLAIM ADJUSTER: HOW TO RESPOND? and Negotiated Settlements. Go to NEGOTIATED SETTLEMENTS If you choose to retain an attorney, refer to our Attorney Negotiation Script Coming soon for help in receiving the most favorable fee structure.