Report Every Contact Made by Your Body (Even If No Apparent Injury)

If you know you hit your knee on the dash, report that even if your knee does not hurt at the time. Be especially aware of where your body moved in the vehicle during the accident, and of whether you hit anything. If your head hit anything at all, such as the side window, be sure to let the officer know, be sure to tell the EMT or ER doctor, and be sure to tell the insurance adjuster in your initial conversation. Even if you feel absolutely no pain whatsoever, report head trauma, and make sure that they write it down.
Head contact of any kind is a potential source of a condition that may not manifest itself for weeks: temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ or TMD). TMJ may not manifest itself for some time following the trauma. Moreover, TMJ pain may disguise itself - some doctors fail to diagnose TMJ-induced headaches. Learn more from the comments of one of the most able TMJ specialists, Dr. Patrick Barrett. Go to DR. PATRICK BARRETT, TMJ SPECIALIST Note all contacts you think your body made and tell the officer, the EMT, the ER attendants and doctors, the insurance adjuster, and your own doctor about these contacts between the vehicle and your body, even if you think at the time that there is no injury involved.