The temporomandibular joint dysfunction TMJ (jaw joint) personal injury

In an auto accident head contact of any kind is a potential source of a condition that may not manifest itself for weeks: Temporalmandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ). The TMJ is also sometimes referred as temporomandibular joint and may not manifest itself for some time following the trauma. Moreover, TMJ pain may disguise itself: for example some doctors fail to diagnose TMJ-induced headaches.
In the case of a car accident note all contacts you think your body made and tell the officer, EMT, ER, insurance adjuster, and your own doctor about these contacts between the vehicle and your body, even if you think nothing of it at the time.
A second example is one in which a specialist, a dentist, has not kept track of the research and reports in the past decade in respect to temporalmandibular joint TMJ causation. It is now commonly understood (although still argued by the insurance industry) that severe whiplash can cause a jaw joint injury. This can result in the movement of a disc within the jaw joint resulting in a number of symptoms. The symptoms can grow increasingly active over the years, progressing from a general ache to a headache to popping and snapping when chewing.
A claimant, who follows the directions provided by SettlementCentral.Com, will discuss this pain with his medical doctor. The medical doctor, believing that she may have sustained an injury intends to refer her to a dentist and she elects to go to her own dentist. Her own dentist is a general practitioner, whose knowledge of TMJ is limited. He believes that stress or a direct blow to the head can cause it. Therefore, he will emphasis in his interview stress source to her life. He will conclude that he is unable to determine the source of the problem but he will mention the stress and also mention the auto accident.
The problem with this incomplete analysis is that he has just undermined the claimant's TMJ insurance claim, and she will have extreme difficulty receiving any compensation for the pain and medical attention she will incur because of the personal injury to her jaw joint although it is a direct result of an auto accident.

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