Disposable Camera

In the free downloadable Accident Information Form Go to ACCIDENT INFORMATION FORM, we suggest you carry a disposable camera in your vehicle. This is good advice for accidents and also convenient for general photo scenes we wish to preserve. How many times have you seen a beautiful or unusual scene and wished you had a camera? True, the disposable camera is not going to produce a high quality print, but the memory will be preserved. After using the camera to capture beautiful scenery, be sure to replace it with a fresh one in your vehicle
More important than capturing beautiful scenes, a disposable camera with flash will help you preserve the scene of an accident.
The disposable camera will need replacing every 10 or 12 months. They cost anywhere from $7 to $10. Get one with a flash in case you need to take indoor photos or photos of the underside of your vehicle. Never skip taking photographs just because you and the other party agree on the fault or liability at the scene. Often liability, even if admitted at the scene, turns out to be in dispute later on. Photographs are a type of proof that's hard to disprove.