How Much Is My Vehicle Worth?

"Why can't I get this adjuster to budge off $5,500 when all of the cars like mine are advertised around $6,000 or so?" The answer is that the advertisements are strictly an asking price. What was the actual sales price? Get a few of the papers from a couple of weeks ago and call the people who advertised to see what they sold their cars for. That is your proof.
You will find a lot of asking prices on the Internet. It may also be more difficult online to know very much about the vehicle, as compared to calling former owners who have advertised in the local newspaper. Take a look in popular weeklies with names such as "Auto Trader" that appear on a regional basis. Get some information from people who have advertised a car similar to yours. When you make ask advertisers and car dealers prices for what they had sold, ask about the tires, the mileage, the mechanical condition, whether it had stock or custom stereo equipment, etc.
Document your case for additional money with the adjuster. Clip out the advertisements and follow up with a phone number and selling price. You may find that your adjuster has not done that type of homework. Instead, he has probably relied on a Kelley Blue Book price and/or a computer printout by a regional organization that serves insurance companies in bidding down car owners just like you. Do not be intimidated by the computer printout. It has no more basis in governing this transaction than what is written on this Web page. Instead, do your own homework and convince the adjuster that your price is right.
You can call dealers around your region and check out prices. In addition, keep track of people on the Internet who are advertising cars similar to yours. After a bit of follow-up, you may well be able to support a higher price than the adjuster is willing to offer for your car. Just remember that when the adjuster states he cannot go any higher, all he is saying is that he needs more information. Keep an arrow in your quiver to fire another salvo after he gets within range of a satisfactory price. Give him just a little more documentation. P&P him: Patience and Persistence here will pay off.