Salvage: Buying Back Vehicle or Parts, Tires, Stereo, etc.

If the adjuster is not going to budge from an allowance of 10 percent of cost for all your special add-ons, what can you do? Can you salvage just those items? Absolutely. Everything is negotiable, and the adjuster will work with you. If he values the car as totaled and throws on only $100 for the stereo, you can work with him to take off the $100 from your award, and you get to remove the stereo. On the other hand, if he totaled the car and hasn't added much of anything for your stereo, perhaps you can work with him to go ahead and remove the stereo. If they are just going to salvage the car, there is not going to be a need for the stereo. You could salvage some expensive wheel rims. If they were damaged beyond salvage, you should add a part of their cost to the value of the car.