Settlement Recovery for Your Damaged or Lost Personal Property Resulting From Your Personal Injury

If you have suffered damage or a loss of personal property as a result of an accident such as a car accident or motorcycle accident, in your settlement demands, you are entitled to make a claim for miscellaneous personal property. You will receive the actual fair market cash value of the depreciated property or the lowered value caused by the accident. In a case where there is no Kelley Blue Book - such as clothing or damaged camera or computer equipment - you are going to have to rely heavily on receipts, letters from the place where you purchased the equipment, advertisements on the Internet or in trade journals and the newspaper, and references including names, addresses and phone numbers of people who have sold identical or nearly identical equipment.
In other words, you will have to do your homework to recover. However, why not? It is your item and your money. If your $3,500 laptop computer was damaged, you may want to put some effort in proving the value, particularly if it has to be replaced. On the other hand, it if was a $200 used camera, your efforts at tracking down and proving value are not going to be as extensive. In any event, list each and every item. Take photographs if you can. Show photographs of the items in use before the accident and try to establish value.
An online side note here regarding personal property items: If the item has evidence of the trauma you suffered - as with torn or bloody clothing - save it as evidence.
This online tip is for our SCC members who desire to use a do-it-yourself or self-help approach to the settlement of their personal injury claims, whether that personal injury claim is a result of a dog bite, car accident , motorcycle accident or some other type of personal injury accident .