Witness Ideas

Jot down the names that come to mind of people who can support either your version of liability or your assessment of damages. Then, once a day for three days, quiet your mind in meditation or relaxation and see if a few more names don't surface. As soon as they do, write down the name and what you think they can testify to.
Liability witnesses do not have to be witnesses who were at the scene. They can be the neighbor who saw your brake lights working when you backed out of the driveway (if the driver in the car that hit you from behind alleges the lights were not working). They can be the friend who saw someone slip on the same defect or wet floor or worn carpet step six months ago. They can be the friend of your sister who commented to the apartment manager that the steps (or deck) felt kind of spongy. They can be the neighbor who has witnessed previous episodes of a dog viciously barking at the end of its lease at passing children, etc.
Of course, if there were witnesses at the scene, you will want to get in touch with them as soon as practicable.