Teacher Witnesses

If your son's fourth grade teacher featured a short film on wolves and asked the students for a write-up and, thereafter, you noticed that your son was very disturbed, make note of it. Call her and ask if she has noticed your son's aversion to animals since the dog bite incident six months ago.
Dog bite damages, in addition to physical scarring, often include mental and emotional scarring. Have your neighbors or friends observed that your son is disturbed by the presence of dogs? If so, write that information down. In most states, you must support a Proof of Emotional Distress with medical testimony. However, even the briefest reference from a psychologist will be sufficient to validate the distress. Thereafter, the case can be built solely by the testimony of laypersons - friends, family, teachers, babysitters, etc.
If your child has suffered emotional distress after an injury, check with his teacher every few weeks to keep an eye on school behaviors and any signs of distress that may stay locked away at home but sneak out at school.