Letters of Notification, Confirmation and to Provide Post-accident Supplementary Information

Life would certainly be easier if we could just make a quick phone call or send off an e-mail every time we need to know something. Easy communication is fine for most purposes, but your injury claim is too important to depend upon informality. Sometimes people deny what they have told you on the phone, or deny that you told them something.
That is why everything must be done in writing, which can include e-mail and paper letters. As long as you have downloaded and printed each e-mail, showing the date it was sent, etc., either in the download or a printing, no problem. Otherwise, use paper letters. Send something certified mail if the date sent is truly significant. Otherwise, just a copy of the e-mail or paper letter in your file is sufficient. Print a copy of each piece of correspondence for your files so you can review them all when you are preparing your demand letter.

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