Checklists - What to Do, When to Do It for Successful Personal Injury Claims

As part of our extensive Expansion Program, SettlementCentral.Com will offer subscribed members a series of checklists as part of our educational program for those interested in handling all or part of their injury claim against an insurance company without an attorney.
These checklists will include

  • what to do at the accident scene
  • what to do within the first two weeks after an injuryGo to THE FIRST TWO WEEKS AFTER THE ACCIDENT
  • documents that must be gathered or created, and that must be saved
  • what you must know about the applicable insurance policies
  • what to find out from witnessesGo to CONTACT WITNESSES SOON
  • what to consider in selecting a doctor
  • information you must have about your medical history
  • questions you will likely be askedGo to QUESTIONS TO EXPECT
  • what to include in your Confidential Private DiaryMembers onlyMembers only

As described in the Auto Accident Injury area,Go to AUTO ACCIDENT INJURY: WHAT CAN YOU DO? keeping a Confidential Private Diaryis an excellent idea. Adding notes to that Confidential Private Diary every day will help you when it comes time to answer questions later about how long something bothered you. Or when did you first notice something else. Or when did you start back to work, and when did you last a whole day at work without pain?
Between the checklists, your Confidential Private DiaryGo to CONFIDENTIAL PERSONAL DIARY, and copies of every document that relates to your injury, your treatment and your insurance claim, you'll be in great shape to begin settlement negotiations at the appropriate time.
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