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What is a settlement anyway?

A settlement is a satisfactory agreement between two parties in resolving a problem. In the context of this website a key word is satisfactory. The term settlement implies gratification, approval, and contentment.
Insurance companies actively advertise that they will settle your claim in twenty-four hours. This is a fair solution in some issues. However, it is in the insurance company's interest to offer a settlement and have it accepted as quickly as possible. The "case is closed" when a settlement it accepted. What may appear to be a fair offer one day may not be so satisfactory for the injured party in the near future.
Settlement, especially a satisfactory settlement, requires a process. That process involves fact finding, identification of needs and interests, and the exchange of information. Think of settlement as not unlike the settlements that were established in the frontiers our developing nation. People:
  • found themselves in unfamiliar territory
  • assessed the lay of the land
  • secured the physical tools necessary to the differing tasks and needs
  • sought expertise to meet special needs (as in doctors, teachers, etc)
  • gained confidence in their enterprise
  • commanded respect from others around them for there accomplishments
Every insurance company markets their product in ways which promote a real sense of care for their customers. "Your in good hands with.....", "Like a good neighbor.....", ".sensible alternative" are all parts slogans developed to instill a feeling of trust and security in their current and prospective customers. Their business is providing security while developing and maintaining a positive image. Their advertising has been successful because in general, people perceive the insurance companies as providing settlements that are satisfactory when a claim is valid, has substance, and properly processed.
While that may be true for small bumps and dents accidents, can you really trust their evaluation of your case for more serious accident?
Think about it: How can you seriously settle in 72 hours a car accident where you experienced a serious injury? How about the unknown trauma injuries such as soft tissues injuries? As mentioned earlier, satisfactory settlements require a process.
Throughout the entire site our members are taught ways to maximize their settlement award. The tips are all legal and ethical; it is just that most claimants do not know them, and hence they are almost secrets, because they are not in common use. You may think some of these as simple common sense, and we do hope that they appear to you to make sense, but be assured; they are not in common use. That is why you stand a better chance of maximizing your award if you do become a member and use these suggestions.
Get the settlement you deserve!