Chiropractic Assistant PSPs

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You might ask a Chiropractic Assistant PSP questions such as these:
  • What is the meaning of the undecipherable handwriting in my medical record?
  • What is the meaning of the shorthand?
  • Does the chiropractor attribute my injury to the accident?
  • What does the record say is the chiropractor's diagnosis?
  • Does the chiropractor say anything adverse about me or my case in these records?
  • Does the chiropractor mention any previous accident or pre-existing condition that is relevant to my treatment?
  • Does the chiropractor mention I am pursuing an insurance claim?
  • Does the chiropractor state that I am cooperative and follow instructions?
  • Are there any annotations about missed appointments or failure to follow a prescribed course of treatment?
  • Does the chiropractor state a prognosis?
  • Does the chiropractor state how I have or have not responded to treatment?
  • Are you aware of any other alternative treatments that I might discuss with my chiropractor or might consider?