Insurance Adjuster PSPs

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You can learn successful negotiation techniques from our former Insurance Adjuster PSPs. Here are some suggested questions for your use. Choose the ones that fit your particular circumstances.

  • What should I do if the adjuster and I get off on the wrong foot?
  • What if I can't stand the adjuster or don't trust him?
  • Can I ask for a different adjuster?
  • When should I ask to talk to the adjuster's supervisor?
  • How does it affect my standing if I threaten to complain to the Insurance Commissioner? Members onlyMembers only
  • Should I send the adjuster a proposed letter to the Insurance Commissioner before I mail it? Members onlyMembers only
  • When the adjuster suggests a settlement figure, how should I respond?
  • Should I suggest my own figure in response or tell him I will think about it?
  • If I tell him I will think about it, does that give credibility to his figure, and should I act shocked and disappointed at any figure given by the insurance adjuster?
  • When will I know that I have achieved the last dollar available without going to trial?
  • What does it mean when the adjuster says that this is his "best offer"?
  • How about his "final" offer?
  • Do you know the reputation of this company for settlement?
  • Do you know the reputation of this company for low damage accidents?
  • What additional information can I give this adjuster in a second or third salvo for my last negotiating rounds?
  • If we have generally agreed on a figure, in what areas can I nibble to get some additional benefits?