Auto Accident Injury: Questions You Will Be Asked

Documentation is important in building your claim, you would be well served to write down the answers to these questions and keep them in a safe place.

One of the important areas after any injury is documentation. Paperwork. Keep it all!
The typical information requested:

  • Your identification
  • Any restrictions on your license if you were the driver at the time of the accident
  • The owner of the vehicle
  • Any prior accident
  • Where you were going
  • Purpose of the trip
  • Where you had been before getting into the vehicle
  • Who else was in the vehicle
  • Where each passenger was seated
  • What was wrong with your vehicle
  • How long you had owned the vehicle
  • Description of your vehicle
  • Description of any other vehicle(s) involved in the accident
  • When you first noticed the other vehicle
  • What the other vehicle was doing at that time
  • When you first realized there might be a problem
  • How many hours of sleep you had the night before
  • How much alcohol you had consumed within some period of time prior to the accident
  • What medications (legal or otherwise) you had taken within the last day or two
  • Road conditions
  • Whether the driver of the other vehicle was male or female
  • What you did to avoid the accident
  • What you could have done but did not do to avoid the accident
  • What the driver of the other vehicle could have done to avoid the accident
  • What happened to you during the accident
  • Whether you in any pain immediately after the accident
  • Whether you were wearing your seatbelt

Your early, accurate answers to these and many other questions may be important to the successful settlement of your insurance claim. This is another appropriate use of your Confidential Personal DiaryGo to CONFIDENTIAL PERSONAL DIARY.

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