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Note-taking and organization are the keys to a successful recovery, whether you are doing it on your own or hiring an injury attorney. Consider the types of topics that you need to write about, and jot those topics in your notepad to write about later. Let your head clear and purposely do not think about your case for a good portion of each day.

You will be surprised at what comes into your mind. Write down everything that comes into your mind about the accident, the injury and your claim, and keep those notes. Categorize them under topics of Liability, Injury, Economic or other losses, Conversations or Other. This is a way to let your mind go to work for you. By clearing your brain, through meditation or relaxation, you will open the way to recall the facts about the accident and conversation topics that you otherwise had not written down. You may choose to keep a notepad with you just to jot down incidences of sharp pain, a memory of anxiety or discomfort the day before, or how much sleep you lost. These notes will help you complete your Confidential Personal DiaryGo to CONFIDENTIAL PERSONAL DIARY. They will also help you to make up your Doctor Visit Notes. Note-taking is an essential part of your recovery.

With respect to the accident, jot down a history of what you had been doing during the day, where you were headed, who you were with, what you saw and felt at the time of the accident (including specifically what happened to your body during the trauma). Be especially careful to note if you hit any part of your body, such as your knee or head. We suggest that you print out the entire section called Recorded Statements to Insurance AdjustersGo to RECORDED STATEMENTS TO INSURANCE ADJUSTERS. Go over each topic therein and make notes. You will find the form to be most useful in bringing to mind any number of items you likely would never have thought of.

As to your injuries, the Confidential Personal DiaryGo to CONFIDENTIAL PERSONAL DIARY is a helpful reminder. You may also choose to have a spiral notebook to note incidences as they occur to you during the day or night.

Anything that helps you document economic or other loses should be noted. The fact that you were given a "no work chit" by the doctor may be the result of your report that you suffered pain or were unable to work after certain activities. You will want to jot down those events and any reasons for them so you will be able to report on them later.