Rules of the Games: Medical Care Documentation and Insurance

From the number of rules, the "games" of medical care documentation and insurance might seem terribly complicated. In reality, though, they aren't so much complicated as picky. As long as you follow the rules, you can play - and win.
We at SettlementCentral.Com are happy to share the rules with you. Check out the list and start wherever you need to start. Unlike many games, this one begins wherever you are right now. Just be sure to keep up with yourself so you can prove you're a winner in the game of settling your own injury claim.

  • Early Treatment Helps Prove Your Injuries Were Caused by the Accident Go to EARLY TREATMENT HELPS PROVE YOUR INJURIES WERE CAUSED BY THE ACCIDENT
  • Be Aware of Your Body and Document Pain - or Risk Diminished Recovery for Your Damages Members onlyMembers only
  • Consequences of Failure to Report Pain to Your Doctor (Real Case Example) Members onlyMembers only
  • The Lesson for You: Document, Document!! Members onlyMembers only
  • Series of Questions: How Important is Follow-up Care? What if I Have No Insurance to Pay the Bills? Members onlyMembers only
  • More Questions: Which Doctor To Chose? What If I Have an HMO - Do I Have to See Its Doctors? What If It Won't Pay for a Chiropractor? Members onlyMembers only

As if these aren't enough, there are:

  • More Rules of the Games: Keys to Obtaining Insurance Payments for Your Medical Costs Members onlyMembers only