Questions to Expect

When you agree to give a recorded statement, it helps to be prepared with a sense of the questions you are likely to be asked. Since the adjuster counts on your lack of preparation, lack of organization, etc., you can give yourself a helping hand by writing out your answers to as many of the following as apply to your situation.

  • Driver's license(s)
  • Restrictions on your/his license?

Descriptions of both vehicles
Occupants of both vehicles

  • Seat positions
  • Identification of your passengers
  • Contact information

Description of accident

  • Describe location, intersections, etc.
  • State posted speed

Mechanical condition of vehicle
Weather, road and lighting conditions

  • Location of street/highway lights or lights from other sources
  • Nature of road: incline/decline/curved/straight
  • Road conditions

Actions just prior to accident

  • Purpose of trip
  • Passengers
  • Activities of the day/night
  • Your speed, direction, intentions

Accident facts

  • Points of impact
  • Speed of vehicles
  • How do you know your own speed?
  • Yours and his at 150 feet
  • Yours and his at 75 feet
  • Yours and his at 25 feet

Cause of accident
When did you first see his car?

  • What did you do?

What could you have done to avoid the accident?
What did our insured do that caused the accident?
How could our insured have avoided the accident?
Investigating officers

  • Who called them?
  • What jurisdiction (City, County State?)
  • Badge numbers
  • Contact information
  • Either party cited?
  • Disposition of ticket

Obstructions to visibility
Skid marks

  • Direction
  • Measurement

Road surface

  • What did you see?
  • When did you see It?
  • What did you do?
  • What did they do?


  • Impact - describe what happened to you
  • Your sensations on being struck
  • Anything damaged within the vehicle?
  • Seatbelts/headrests (in use? adjusted to neck?)
  • What happened to you at impact?

After accident

  • Statements made? By whom?
  • Witnesses
  • Identify and contact information
  • Have you talked to them?
  • What will they say?

Photographs - as to each, identify date taken, by whom, for what purpose

  • Of accident scene
  • Of you
  • Showing your injuries/scars?
  • Showing you with appliances (crutches, neck brace, sling)?

Damage to vehicles

  • Damages you observed at the scene
  • Either vehicle towed?
  • Estimates for repairs

Personal injuries

  • Identify each person injured
  • Any loss of consciousness?
  • Treatment at scene
  • By whom? Who called them?
  • At hospital
  • Identify doctor
  • Treatment
  • Radiographic images
  • What did you say?
  • What were you told?
  • Follow-up care?

Next few days after accident what injuries and when noticed?

  • Seek medical or chiropractic care?
  • Where and when?
  • How did you choose that doctor?
  • Describe treatments
  • Describe history of pain and effects of treatment
  • What is your condition today?

Any real impact on your life?

  • What can you not do today that you could do before?
  • Doctor's prognosis - When will you be completely recovered?
  • Lost wages?
  • Who gave you authorization to be off work?
  • Produce copy of doctor's written authorization to miss work

Insurance - identify your auto and/or health insurance

  • Policy and contact information
  • Filed a claim for this accident?
  • Received benefits for this accident?
  • Ever denied any benefits?
  • Prior accidents or prior injuries?
  • Ever file an insurance or Workers' Compensation claim?

Your personal background

  • Marital, education, family, social, criminal, work history
  • Hobbies and activities, friends, church, organizations

Get agreement on obtaining copy of your statement

  • When?
  • In what form?
  • Cost