Witness Checklists in Personal Injury Claim Accident

A witness checklist in the case of a personal injury claim accident is always an asset to settle your personal injury case with the insurance companies.

We have elsewhere described means of obtaining witness statements informally and also the preparation of witness statements. In visiting with accident witnesses, you may choose to have a checklist so that you do not get off track on one topic.

In our member section we provide you with three checklists, one script and one sample letter. Below are a few examples of these checklists:

  • Auto Accident Witness Checklist
  • Premises Liability Witness Checklist
  • Animal Bite Witness Checklist
  • Witness Introductory Script
  • Initial Letter to Witness

Our best suggestion is that you call or visit the witness in person. Do not appear to be stalking the witness if he doesn't return your call. Write him a letter explaining why you need his help and that you will attempt to keep his involvement at a minimum. We provide our members with a sample Initial Letter to Witness to use as a template for this type of letter.

When you make contact with the witness, you may choose to use our Personal Injury Claim Insurance Witness Introductory Script. The script introduces you and requests the witness's participation in a professional and unobtrusive manner, thanking him for his time, effort and good citizenship. The script can be an easy introduction to the phone call, tailored to your own situation. Make the feeling, emotion and words your own. The script suggests a few topics that can help you obtain a successful interview.

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