Sample Witness Statement Form

One of the most important components in getting a satisfactory insurance settlement award, is obtaining a formal witness statement from all individuals at the personal injury accident scene. Members of SettlementCentral.Com are provided with numerous sample Witness Statement examples which will help you settle your personal injury insurance claim effectively.
Before you talk to any witness, you should know where he was, how he became a witness, with whom he identifies and whether he has given any statements at the scene, or before you have talked with him. If he has already given statements, ask if he retained a copy and if he would mind giving you a copy of that statement so you could read it over. Explain that it would be of assistance to you in understanding the facts. If he gave a statement either to the insurance company or to the police at the accident scene, he has a right to a copy of the statement. The police will likely furnish a copy immediately. The witness has to request a copy from the insurance company.

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