Evidence to Support Your Personal Injury Insurance Claim of Premises Liability, Slip and Fall, Defective Stairway, Loose Carpet, and Similar Personal Injury Claims

Unlike the automobile accident insurance claim, where an independent police officer will usually make some observations at the scene, premises liability cases almost never have independent witnesses or investigators to provide evidence. Any employee of a store or apartment complex is not independent. And as for all those people who saw you fall, or who could testify to the dangerous condition that caused your accident, well-forget them.

In today's world there may be a few who will give their name and phone number, but most witnesses will help you up, and perhaps stay to make sure the manager or other help has been called, but they will then continue on their way. You will later regret not asking for their name, but that is human nature. Most of us are too embarrassed to admit having been in the accident to begin with, let alone confront a witness and ask for his name.

So now you have two factors that make premises liability cases more difficult to prove: 1) no independent investigator; and 2) our natural embarrassment overcomes the logical duty to gather as much evidence as we can.
SettlementCentral.Com will show you how to gather as much evidence as you possibly can, and present the evidence in an effective manner for your personal injury insurance claim
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