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Medical Care Documentation-the Key to Successful Personal Injury Insurance Claim Settlements

How to keep your doctors informed about how his treatment is or is not bringing you comfort from pain and suffering

Accurate medical records are essential to maximize your insurance claim settlement award. There is little doubt that good medical care documentation is the key to a successful insurance injury claim settlement. But this takes two to make it happen: first, you have to be a good historian and communicate fully what has happened since the last visit; and second, your doctor has to make a good through clinical record for you, including a fair summary of what he has told you.
For your own part, keeping a confidential personal diary go a long ways toward preserving facts so you can accurately inform your care giver. A second benefit is that your diary will help you make an accurate and through insurance claim demand letter later on. Our members at SettlementCentral.Com have access to a very effective form of a confidential personal diary.
As for the doctor's records, you need to provide some input, but at the same time, you want to do it in a way that is not a conspicuous attempt at manipulation. Your goal is to obtain a written medical record of how this injury occurred, what has been done in the way of treatment, and how it has affected your life.
It is important for your doctor to know these things, but also please understand that there is one inherent problem in that the medical profession, chiropractors and physical therapists are not blessed with an abundance of time for appointments. They just do not take the time to inquire fully as to changes since your last visit.
Don't believe us? Make an honest inventory of your conversations and treatments the last few visits you have had to your doctor; obtain a copy of his notes or record for those visits; compare your inventory to his notes, and we think you will agree that your inventory reveals his notes or record of your visits and medical treatment is cursory, and that the record does not reflect what actually was said and done.
Look for his use of diminutive adjectives, such as stating that you suffered "a little pain" or that you have had "some discomfort". It those are at odds with what he noted and said during the visits, you may need to consider making a correction to your medical record. When you send in your personal injury insurance claim demand letter, you want your doctor's notes to reflect what actually took place. Settlement Central provides the following essential guidance in making your medical care documentation support a full value insurance injury claim award:
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