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You MUST Correct Errors in Your Personal Injury Medical Records and Doctor Reports

Accurate medical records is one of the keys to a successful negotiation of your personal injury insurance claim. It is essential to get as much correct information to the doctor as you can at the time he is seeing you. Make him slow down and make him understand your circumstances. Do not let him do his usual song and dance of moving in and through an appointment in less than 60 seconds! Seriously, it is your job to make the doctor slow down and to take the time to understand your case and your situation. If he is not willing to do that, you need to consider getting a new doctor.

There is almost 100% guarantee that at some point in this process, you will find medical records that are in error. They will be in error because they are incomplete, or because they are inaccurate, or because they are just plain wrong, or because they did not mention the information that he told you about your injuries and prognosis, etc. In this country, we treat medical records as secure evidence of examination and treatment and we do not allow them to be changed or altered. There are a number of reasons for treating medical records sacrosanct and we do not need to get into them here. What we do need to understand is how you can correct the misinformation or provide an addendum to the information that is there.

Settlement Central offers the following help in correcting your medical records:
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  • Examples of Letters to the Doctor Correcting His Medical RecordsMembers onlyMembers only
  • Documenting Missed AppointmentsMembers onlyMembers only
  • Phone Calls to the Doctor's OfficeMembers onlyMembers only
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