First Aid at the scene of an auto accident, dog bite, slip and fall

No matter what type of accident, you must stop at the scene, get help, give help, warn others and then take care of yourself and your claim. Obviously, if you are too injured to do any of these things, you can't do them. Somebody else will be getting help for you. The only time you will leave the accident scene is if a medical emergency requires you to do so. If it is a choice of going to the hospital or sticking around to get the names of witnesses and take photographs, you go to the hospital. Wait for an ambulance with trained medical personnel. Be sure to exchange your name, address and phone number with the other driver.

If, however, you are in no condition at the accident scene to so much as spell your own name, you will probably be able to get some of the information you need from the police report.

If the scene is a premises liability case or a dog bite, try to make sure someone is notified at the scene. Obviously, if you are in an emergency situation, you must get help as soon as possible. However, for example, if the third stair on the apartment building gave way because it was rotten and you felt that your ankle was just a little twisted and it might heal in a couple of days, you could be making a big mistake to leave the scene without notifying someone on that property.

That is precisely the purpose of all of the advice on this site. Understand that what at first appears to be a small ache can, and often will, develop into something a lot more difficult to deal with. It may even be a serious injury such as tearing of ligaments or a bone shift in your ankle.

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