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Vehicle Diagnosis/Repair/Replacement - Who Pays? Who Sorts It Out? (You!)

If your vehicle is damaged in an accident, there are a variety of considerations to address. Those considerations are discussed in the following areas. Please review any and/or all of them as appropriate to your situation.
  • Vehicle Towing/Storage Go to VEHICLE TOWING/STORAGE
  • Vehicle Rental Go to VEHICLE RENTAL
  • Who Picks the Auto Body Shop? Go to VEHICLE REPAIR
  • OEM Parts Go to OEM PARTS
  • Your Vehicle Is Totaled Go to YOUR VEHICLE IS TOTALED
  • Buying Your Vehicle Back Go to BUYING YOUR VEHICLE BACK
  • How Much Is Your Vehicle Worth? Go to HOW MUCH IS MY VEHICLE WORTH?
  • Will You Be Reimbursed for New Tires, New Stereo, etc.? Go to WILL YOU BE REIMBURSED FOR NEW TIRES, NEW STEREO, ETC.?
  • Salvage: Buying Back Vehicle or Parts, Tires, Stereo, etc. Go to SALVAGE: BUYING BACK VEHICLE OR PARTS, TIRES, STEREO, ETC.
  • Money for Recent Significant Improvements, But Not for General Maintenance Go to MONEY FOR RECENT SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENTS, BUT NOT FOR GENERAL MAINTENANCE
  • Diminished Value-Make an Insurance Claim for a Cash Insurance Settlement
  • FAQ: Diminished Value Insurance Claims Explained by Doctor Settlement, J.D. (Juris Doctor)-Auto Accident Insurance Claim Expert
  • Recovery for Your Miscellaneous Personal Property Damaged or Lost Go to RECOVERY FOR YOUR DAMAGED OR LOST PERSONAL PROPERTY
  • UIM Claims for Your Personal Property Go to UIM CLAIMS FOR YOUR PERSONAL PROPERTY
  • Use Your Own Insurer if Third Party Adjuster is Seeks Reduction for Your Fault Go to USE YOUR OWN INSURER IF THIRD PARTY ADJUSTER SEEKS REDUCTION FOR YOUR FAULT
  • Property Damage Settlement Check to be Limited in Scope: Not a General Release Go to PROPERTY DAMAGE SETTLEMENT CHECK TO BE LIMITED IN SCOPE, NOT A GENERAL RELEASE