The case of an settlement offer from the insurance claim adjuster: How to respond?

Once you receive the offer of settlement from the insurance adjuster, you will want to respond to the adjuster's settlement offer in writing. Do not call him back. Your points will carry more weight if made in writing.
Remember that most insurance adjusters are difficult to deal with, so make sure that you plan everything. Every single word will have its importance. Be firm and aggressive but do not make the insurance adjuster feel that you are hostile. It is where your negotiations skills are going to be the deciding factor in the settlement of your personal injury claim.

Respond in writing:

First, it marks you as one who is taking this claim seriously, it will not be settled just on the basis of a phone call, and that you are willing to do whatever work is required to prevail.
Second, he cannot ignore your response if it is in writing; whereas he can simply hang up the phone after a call and there is no more record of your response, or of the fact he may have used some attacks on your claim that you can easily rebut by letter.
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