Slip and fall demand letter for personal injury insurance claim

Every year thousands of people are injured when they slip and fall at the neighbor's house, the local store, the supermarket parking lot, or on the restaurant flight of stairs. The fact that people have navigated over the same area that caused your injury is no defense if you can show that the owner should have known of the danger. Rotten stairs is a sign of weakness; a store display that always ends up causing water or debris to make the floor slippery is a warning sign to the store manager.

So who is legally responsible in that case?

The owner of the property? The occupant of the premises? Maybe yourself? You might be surprised to learn that the owner of property is not necessarily bound to insure your safety. Did he have any reason to know that there was a risk or danger on his property? Try to recall what the store clerk said about patrolling the store, or what the manager admitted to regarding prior claims. It will be up to you to prove that the result of your injury was due to someone's negligence in order to hold them legally responsible for your personal injury.

A good demand letter is an effective one

A good demand letter doesn't have to be complex; it can be simple and effective. Remember that the written word is more powerful than the speech, so put your efforts here, rather than in phone conversations. You will lay out both the liability facts and the facts regarding your personal injury and treatment. Be sure to discuss how the injury continues to impact your daily life and the future treatments that your doctor predicts will be required. But do not exaggerate: that is a sure way to lose credibility with the insurance claim adjuster.

How to write a good demand letter

If you follow our ten easy steps to write a demand letter, you should be able to write an effective demand letter for your slip and fall personal injury claim. You won't need an attorney to do that, you can do it yourself.
Step 1 - Organize and Think About Your Purpose
Step 2 - Summary of Claim and Demand
Step 3 - Personal Background
Step 4 - Accident Facts
Step 5, etc.

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