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Request for medical records in personal injury insurance claims

Medical records are a key element to settle your personal injury insurance claim. They will help you prove to the insurance adjuster the extent of your injuries and will affect the value of your claim.

How can I obtain a copy of my medical records?

You should consider four goals when you seek to obtain a copy of your medical records:
1) get a complete set, not just for this accident
2) get the copies for free, or with greatly reduced copying charges
3) make sure no insurance company has any way to discover what records you obtained
4) be sure you do not inadvertently mention the fact you have a historic set of records or that you inadvertently include some older records in your mailing to the adjuster.

If you have a good relationship with your doctor, the best way to obtain your records is to go directly to her and ask her. You stand a better chance of saving copying charges if you ask your doctor, with a hint of a request that you would like to save on charges, if at all possible. We have often seen the doctor simply instruct the office manager to give her patient whatever he wants in the way of medical records at no charge. Otherwise, just ask the office manager at your doctor's office. Talk to her in the same way, and relate the concerns you have, as listed above, regarding costs and secrecy from the insurer.

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