Request for Wage Loss Records in the case of personal injury claim

Wage Loss Claims Resulting From Your Personal Injury Accident

In order for a party who has been injured in a personal injury accident to receive reimbursement for loss of income and/or wages, the loss of income must be documented and the absence from work must be authorized by a doctor or be obvious to the party's medical recovery.

The most common problems with wage loss claims are, in order:
Outside the scope of the PIP coverage

  • Insufficient proof of medical necessity
  • Insufficient proof of actual wage loss

Although your auto insurance PIP coverage may not pay full wage loss (see restrictions, above), you are entitled to full reimbursement from the third party for all wage loss that you prove in accordance with the standards above. The problem is that the third party adjuster is usually not willing to advance wage loss payments unless he feels he can gain control of the claim. That would necessitate giving him a full recorded statement and signing a blanket medical authorization. Considering the disadvantages either of those requirements would put on the claimant, it is best to make any other practicable arrangements for interim receipt of lost wages.

See our Loss of Work Confirmation Sample Letter to Insurance Adjuster(available only to members of SettlementCentral.Com) for more information on how to handle your lost wages in a personal injury claim case.

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