Letter To The Adjuster Regarding Colossus


Bill Jones
1234 Number St
Anytown, NY 99999
February 19, 2004
Dear Ms. Adjuster
I have discovered that your company is identified as one that has been licensed to adjust claims using a software program called Colossus. I have further been informed through Internet research that the results are governed by the information you input. Therefore, I want to work closely with you to ensure that all relevant information regarding my claim is included in the Colossus evaluation.
In addition, I want to know the extent to which the Colossus result will be treated as a tool or as the rule at your company. What authority do you have to supplement the Colossus result with information that you personally believe to be accurate and relevant? For example, I am told that certain information (say for example, the fact that a claimant has a burdensome job that leaves him in obvious pain) is not included in the Colossus evaluation unless it is mentioned in a medical report.
I would think that first hand sworn testimony as to the problems of an injured claimant on the job would be a lot more reliable than the mention of same in a medical report. In the first instance, witnesses swear under oath as to certain facts that they actually witnessed. Whereas in the case of the medical report, all the doctor is doing is just repeating what his patient told him; there is no third party verification under oath.
While I wish your company would just use its adjusters to set values, as long as we both have to deal with Colossus I propose to cooperate together to ensure the case is settled fairly and amicably. I need to know what records, or supplements to records, would be helpful to you in getting me full value for my claim.
I intend to send along all medical and treatment reports just as soon as I obtain them. I am hoping you will let me know about the quality of my medical records. Which records were most useful to you, and which records need to be supplemented? I am hoping to learn the specific injuries and specific complaints you input for Colossus to use to evaluate my claim. Since each complaint and injury must be documented in a medical report to be considered by Colossus, I am hoping you will help me by telling me which doctor needs to make a supplementary record in this case.
I would appreciate your written response to this letter with your answers to the questions I have asked, and a statement of your intentions with respect to the cooperation I mentioned.
Very Truly Yours,
Bill Jones