Follow-Up Letter to Adjuster Re: Colossus


Bill Jones
1234 Number St
Anytown, NY 99999
February 19, 2004
Dear Ms. Adjuster,
I am writing to follow-up on my letter to you dated ___________ (copy enclosed) regarding your use of Colossus as an evaluation tool. I want to be sure that all of the facts are considered in evaluating my claim, so I am eager to communicate with you as to the process we will employ.
I am sure you agree that no matter what system is used to predict valuation, it is only as good as the information you plug in. In this respect I want to be sure that all of my information is presented properly so I get full valuation by the software.
I took the initiative in making the inquiry as to what would best satisfy the Colossus program because I believe that unless we work together on this, my claim may not receive full value since some factors may not be considered.
Please respond as soon as practicable so I can be assured that notwithstanding your company's use of Colossus, I will still have an opportunity to achieve a fair settlement. I have concerns about the use of this software, and unless we are able to work together as I proposed in my enclosed letter, I am fearful of getting an unsatisfactorily low evaluation.
For these reasons, I am hopeful of a prompt and favorable response to the enclosed letter, or I will be forced to voice my concerns to the ___________ State Insurance Commissioner.
Very Truly Yours,
Bill Jones