Colossus Letter to State Insurance Commissioner (Insurance Adjuster's Response Unsatisfactory)


Bill Jones
1234 Number St
Anytown, NY 99999
February 19, 2004
Dear Insurance Commissioner:
RE: Mr. ___________________, Adjuster, ________________ Insurance Company

Claim Number: ______________________________

Date of Loss: _________________________

Nature of Complaint: To Ensure Cooperation in the Use of Colossus for Valuation

I am writing to complain about the fact that the above-named adjuster has not satisfactorily responded to my two letters regarding the use of Colossus to value my claim. Please see the enclosed letters to Mr. _________________. You can see that I am asking him about the use of Colossus, since I learned from the Internet that ______________ Insurance Company has been licensed to use the software. I also approached the use of this software in a positive manner, seeking to share information that would benefit both parties to allow for a fair and amicable settlement.
I am sure you will agree that there is an element of good faith required by insurers in settling bodily injury claims. While it is not necessary for the insurer to reveal the precise methodology used to value claims, I am confident you would endorse the means I have proposed in dealing with use of this controversial software. To learn the facts regarding why this is a hotly disputed tool of insurers, please do an Internet search for dozens of articles that detail abuses of this powerful software.
Unless I am able to have access to the information requested in my enclosed letters, I will be denied an opportunity to fairly settle my claim. If the company continues to stonewall my request for information, or refuses to consider evidence that normally would be allowed in a court trial, I cannot be satisfied that the Colossus software result will be anything but an understatement of the value of my claim, and I may be forced to initiate litigation in order to get a fair settlement.
Therefore, I respectfully request your assistance in resolving this matter by intervening and requiring _______________ Insurance Company to answer the questions posed in my letters, and, further, to cooperate in use of the software in the manner suggested in my enclosed letters.
Very Truly Yours,
Bill Jones
cc: Mr. Adjuster