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Phantom Vehicle UIM Claims Require Proof by Third Party to Corroborate YOUR Own Testimony

Run Off The Freeway—Injured Driver Denied His UIM Coverage

Returning home late one night, William Summers was run off the road by a reckless driver in a car that virtually came out of nowhere. “I didn’t see them even though I keep a good lookout at freeway speeds. I was going a little over the speed limit and in my lane when out of nowhere this black Honda wheeled over RIGHT in front of me. He took off, and I never got a glimpse of the occupant or the license because it all happened so quick.”

“It took everything I could do to avoid hitting him, but in swerving and braking I lost control and my car left the freeway, went into the median, rolled once, and—thankfully—was stopped by some brush.

“I was knocked unconscious and hurting so badly I could not even move. But people came to help and then there was an ambulance and I got good care. It turns out that I was left with some painful and partially disabling injuries that will be with me permanently. Of all injuries, the most serious is that I suffered a disc bulge in my lower back, and if you have never experienced serious back pain, let me tell you—it is THE WORST.

“Even now, a year and a half later, I have to get shots just to live a semi-normal life. Oh, I cannot do my bowling or certain yard work, but I am so thankful to be alive that I am not going to be bitter about it. Still, I live in near-constant pain, except for the relief from the shots. And so I thought I would be entitled to pain and suffering compensation from my insurance company. Think again—and PAY ATTENTION—because this could happen to YOU.

“The ONLY thing that really upset me was when my own insurance company DENIED my claim under my Uninsured Motorist (UIM) coverage. They said that there was no collision between the reckless driver’s car and my vehicle. If there is no collision, then I have to prove the accident by use of objective witnesses, according to my so-called “good hands” insurance company.

“They called my accident a ‘phantom vehicle’ claim. I guess that they think people fall asleep and run off the road and try to blame it on another car. The supervisor told me that is why they have to require extra proof that the accident was caused by someone else because otherwise people like me would cheat the company. I was so upset I could not sleep—how could my own company deny me? What was I going to do about life-long injuries with no support from my insurance? Every time I saw that TV ad with the handsome man touting the benefits of my own company (“That’s our stand, what’s your stand?”) that was cheating me, I wanted to take my “good hands” and choke him!

“OK, so I paid for that insurance all of these years, and now what—they want me to become a detective and a lawyer just to get what I paid them for? How was I going to prove that someone else did this to me? The state trooper didn’t even speak to me until the next day at the hospital, and I did not know anyone who witnessed the accident. He stated that no one at the scene had witnessed the accident or saw the car that ‘allegedly’ (his word) ran me off the road. The adjuster said that my version, given to the trooper 18 hours later was not sufficient proof.

“Fortunately I got some good ideas of how to prove my hit and run or phantom vehicle UIM claim.”

“I found out there that this was NOT a hit and run case since no one “hit” me per se. I had a true “phantom vehicle” UIM claim, which was denied since I could not provide any evidence that my company called “corroborating” evidence. In a panic, I discovered Dr. Settlement and his website, above. UIM claims for phantom vehicles are hard to prove, but www.SettlementCentral.Com gave free insurance claim information and that helped me to prove the claim.

“As I discovered from the site page listed above, even though no one at the scene actually saw the accident, there could be people that I had TOLD about the phantom car right after the accident. I am so thankful for this website because they showed me how to find three people that I had told what happened. These were two who came to me right after the accident (listed in the accident report), and one at the ER intake interview.

All gave me statements to the effect that immediately after the accident I had told about being run off the road and asked if anyone had seen the black Honda. As Dr. Settlement pointed out, statements made immediately following an event have the reputation of being truthful. I was able to present that “corroborating” evidence, and they opened my UIM claim, which I am now settling thanks to the valuable information at the website.”

Internet insurance claims expert Dr. Settlement, J.D. (Juris Doctor) says: “It is no accident that the insurance industry is the wealthiest in America; take control of your injury claim and learn how to prosecute it to a successful self help insurance settlement.”

Any driver stands the risk that someone who is not paying attention—or who is downright reckless—could run them off the road. If that driver actually collides with your vehicle and causes damage, then you have a hit and run claim, which is a lot easier to prove than the phantom vehicle claim that William Summers suffered.

Consider what your company would do if it happened to you. Do YOU have any Uninsured Motorist Insurance (UIM) coverage in an accident caused by being run off the road by an unknown reckless driver?

Likely you will have NO UIM COVERAGE unless your vehicle was actually damaged in a collision. There are hundreds of serious injury accidents each year that are caused by drivers who force an innocent party to leave the road by changing lanes on the Interstate or who literally run someone else off the roadway.

In MOST of these cases there is NO UIM BODILY INJURY (pain and suffering) OR PROPERTY DAMAGE insurance coverage whatsoever. Hence, no matter how serious or life-disabling your injuries, UNLESS YOU KNOW THE STRATEGIES IN THIS ARTICLE, you could find yourself with NO INSURANCE MONEY to cover your losses.

YOU LOSE, unless you can provide corroborating evidence from a reliable source. You can gain a chance to win if you have read this website free information page (above). EVERY DRIVER should read this free information and the detailed strategy NOW, BEFORE IT HAPPENS TO YOU, so you will know in advance that the way YOU talk about the accident AFTERWARDS can determine whether or not you will have your UIM coverage for bodily injuries and property damage losses sustained.

You have to demonstrate facts that can be CORROBORATED by evidence OTHER than you or your passengers who have a claim. Here are five ideas from my website free page linked above.


These are based upon successful court-approved methods of proving the phantom car claim. This is in outline for only; we flesh out each topic and provide additional information for our members.

1. At the Accident Scene:

• Tell what happened and ask everyone who shows up if they saw the phantom car.

2. First Interview With Paramedics and/or Admission to Hospital, or Upon First Visit to Your Doctor:

• They always ask what happened, so let them know about the phantom car that caused the accident.

3. Report to Police ASAP and Upon First Interview With Police or Patrol:

• Talk about the phantom vehicle and how it caused the accident.

4. Examine Your Vehicle Carefully for ANY Evidence of Contact From the Phantom Vehicle

5. Passengers Can be Disinterested Party to Prove Phantom Vehicle (IF they are NOT making a claim for injuries.

Best Wishes,

Dr. Settlement, J.D. (Juris Doctor)

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