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Letters to Insurance Claim Adjuster: to Confirm Arrangements & to Transmit Forms


Maintain Good Records; Document Conversations With Insurance Claim Adjuster

“This is so FRUSTRATING I can’t see straight! First off I was creamed in an auto accident, then this “nice” adjuster lady calls me and tells me not to worry about the claim, that she is here to help me toward a fair settlement. She went on to state that they would not be disputing liability, so just send in the medical release forms and she would take care of the rest.
“Well, she took care of me all right! Yesterday I got a phone call from her, all sweetness and help in her approach, but she told me their investigation had shown that I was 20% at fault, and hence her offer was reduced 20% from what she claimed was the value of my insurance claim.
“I was so UPSET: how in the world can I be at fault if her insured turned left in front of my vehicle? Plus, it is now almost a year post-accident, and I have no idea where the witnesses may have moved or how to get ahold of them. I feel like this adjuster is going back on her first word, which was that she admitted liability against her insured, the tortfeasor. If I had known then that she was going to contest liability, I would have taken more photos of my car and I would have contacted witnesses to show liability against her insured.”
Art Davis is UPSET because he relied upon the assurance of the tortfeasor’s insurance adjuster; now he has to scramble to contact witnesses and to fight liability. Right after the accident he took down information from two witnesses who then left the scene before the police arrived. The police report did place blame on the other party, but Art has now learned that an assignment of blame by the police is not even admissible at trial. It is UP TO ART, AS THE INSURANCE CLAIMANT, TO PROVE NEGLIGENCE.
At www.SettlementCentral.Com we teach our members to DOCUMENT each representation and statement made by the insurance adjuster. WHY? This example is one good reason: YOU CANNOT RELY UPON THE INSURANCE ADJUSTER to maintain a record of all of your conversations with her.
We want to encourage insurance claim holders to make a record for themselves so that there can be no question later as to where you stand on various issues that will arise during settlement of your insurance claim.
Another reason to use these letters is to focus yourself on important aspects of your insurance claim, so as to take the initiative, as opposed to just drifting through the insurance claims process.
Next, we want you to demonstrate to the insurance adjuster that you are organized and willing to put in the work necessary to achieve a fair insurance settlement. By making a written record—either by e-mail or paper—you will stand out as someone who will be more likely to pursue your insurance injury claim to a successful conclusion.
A fourth purpose is to correct or supplement any information that you gave to a police officer or a property or store manager or to the insurance claims adjuster. DO THIS ASAP. It is never too late to make your written record. Just get it done, because even though a late letter might appear to be self-serving, it is surely better than none at all.
A final purpose is to transmit something to the insurance adjuster. In the transmittal letter you might be explaining why, for example, you made changes to the medical authorization form that the insurance adjuster sent for you to sign and return. Use the transmittal letter as your free soapbox from which you have every right to make a point to the insurance adjuster.
Dr. Settlement, J.D. here. I am going to suggest that Art start to DOCUMENT important comments made by the insurance adjuster. In fact, I want ALL INSURANCE INJURY CLAIMANTS to learn how to document and to send letters reminding the insurance adjuster of what she said.
I have prepared a page to explain why and how to document your arrangements with the insurance adjuster, plus I provided an example letter confirming the admission of liability by the insurance adjuster. Letters to Insurance Adjuster to Confirm Arrangements & Send Forms.
Best Wishes,
Dr. Settlement, J.D. (Juris Doctor)

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