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What to do if you have already given a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster

Here is an introduction to some of the topics on the member's site, if you have already given a recorded statement to the adjuster.
Let's examine WHY it is important to know:
a) What you said
b) Why the insurance adjuster's record needs to be supplemented

If you did decide to make a recorded statement for an adjuster, be sure to make arrangements to obtain a copy for your records. You will need it later on because you will not be able to remember the exact details you told the adjuster, and you may have to explain your present position in light of a conflicting statement that you gave at the outset.

The adjuster has every word that you said in her file, and if you want to present something different in the claim, you will have to explain why your circumstances have changed, or how your memory came to be "refreshed". In order to do that, you most certainly will need to make reference to the statement you gave at the outset.

Get a copy of your statement or writing ASAP, irrespective of whether you are reading this one month or one year after giving the recorded or written statement. It is NEVER TOO LATE to request a copy of your recorded statement; just be firm in your request, and do not feel as if you have to give any explanation whatsoever to request a copy.
First, read or listen to it carefully, taking notes of points you think need correction or further explanation. Second, collect any applicable documentation, such as photos of the scene, or medical records that will help to explain why you are changing your story of what happened. Create your correction letter and send it in ASAP, it is most important to get this one out SOON, even if you think the adjuster may discount it because it is coming in too late. Send snail mail only-certified perhaps. Never do it via phone call or e-mail. The hard copy goes into your file and cannot be ignored. The hard copy carries more weight than a phone call or an e-mail.
You do not have to explain every little thing that is different these many months later; just focus on the bigger points. Too many attempts to correct or supplement or explain will not be credible. You probably get just a couple bites at that apple, so hit just the two most glaring items, and mention others just tangentially. We have prepared four correction letters on topics dealing with: motor vehicle accident, dog bite, slip and fall accident, and later-diagnosed TMJ.
We have prepared easy correction instructions and sample letters for you to use in our members' area including;
  • Letter to the adjuster requesting a copy of your recorded statement
  • Letter to the adjuster confirming arrangements to record and furnish a copy of recorded statement
  • How to write the letter correcting or supplementing your recorded or written statement.
  • in the Case of a Motor Vehicle Accident
  • in the Case of a later-diagnosed case of TMJ
  • in the Case of a Dog Bite
  • in the Case of a Slip and Fall Accident
  • Letter to your state insurance commissioner regarding the adjuster refusing to acknowledge your corrections to your recorded statement
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