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SettlementCentral.Com Members Report That Chiropractic is THE Most Effective Means of Treating Soft Tissue Accident Injuries

We have mentioned our belief that chiropractors are more likely to support the claimant in both the physical recovery and financial recovery. Obviously, in a severe medical injury case, use of a chiropractor is inappropriate. If a person has severe bodily injury and broken bones, etc., an orthopedic surgeon is required and a neurologist will attend to nerve damage. There will be no referral or use of a chiropractor or alternative medicine.

On the other hand, for the vast majority of soft tissue injury cases, the most appropriate place to start is often a chiropractor or a general practitioner who is supportive of your treating with a chiropractor while he oversees your recovery.

Chiropractors are highly trained doctors who are fully competent to take a complete history and perform a chiropractic examination. They are adept at writing reports and they are more likely than not going to make the effort to learn the background of your claim and support your financial recovery by making a thorough report in their records.

Medical specialists such as orthopedic surgeons often are not as active in their support of your financial recovery as are general practitioners or chiropractors. It is, of course, difficult and often useless to generalize about categories of professionals. However, our experience shows that, on the whole, specialists at the higher end (such as orthopedic surgeons) are less likely to display an interest in the quality of your settlement award.

In addition, historically, chiropractors have been very sympathetic to those without insurance and, having an understanding of the claims system, they have been able to work out agreements for care with the use of medical liens. Acceptance of a lien for ongoing treatment may depend on the strength of your liability case, so be prepared to discuss the facts of the accident with your chiropractor in order to convince her to give you service based upon a medical lien. The lien is filed with the insurance company to ensure your doctor gets paid off the top of your settlement award.

Proper chiropractic or medical care is the key to your physical recovery and your monetary recovery in your personal injury claim. There are three aspects to maximizing your chances for a prompt physical recovery and satisfactory monetary recovery. The first is to select a doctor who is competent to treat your injuries. The second key is to follow the doctor's advice and to treat as suggested. The third is to ensure that your doctor properly documents your injuries and continued pain and suffering during your injury recovery.

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